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We believe in slow living, crystals, meditation, naturopathic health, yoga, mental prosperity, plants, nature, wellness and restoring the planet - all things that support living cyclically with an intuitive-focused community in mind. 


Our intention is to provide deliberate pieces that support the balance of well-being, healing, nature and sustainability. 


We only provide earth-first products that support our values. Everything we do stems from how we can best support ourselves with the lens of bettering our planet. 

As a black woman-owned business, we prioritize working with small businesses, women, BIPOC, environmentally conscious materials, and people / orgs that reflect and believe in our philosophy just as much as we do.


We plant trees for every purchase, use only the most sustainable practices possible, and act with the smallest footprint in mind. With nature and healing at the root of our foundation, the only place to grow is up. 


Our commitment is making value based choices to our community to cultivate abundance On Earth.

Foggy Forest
Green Agate


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