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My Story On Earth

I wish I could say there was an exact defining moment for the cultivation of On Earth but if I’m being honest I think it took a multitude of small steps and large learnings over the years to get it to the fully formative stage that it’s at right now.

The most relevant place to begin would probably be in 2020. Like a lot of other people I had been feeling a lot of mixed emotions and had been through a lot of things in that year. As an event planner my industry was hit pretty bad with all of the closures from the result of covid. However, I had known long before then I felt incredibly unhappy in my job and was also feeling very lost within myself.

I’ve always been the type of person that had goals and a five year plan and knew exactly what their next move and counter-move would be. There came a point where I reached all of the milestones within my career and instead of feeling proud or energized I felt really empty and unfulfilled.

I’ll save the details of how I ended up at my breaking point but I ended up going on a mental health sick leave for 3 months to return to my workplace just to quit 6 months later. (Let this be a reminder that if you don’t prioritize yourself - your body and mind will do it for you.)

As workplace burnout and existential disorientation was what had eventually been the catalyst in leaving my job and to my belief - my career and field.

I had no plan in place other than to focus on my mental health and find a new direction. I felt free but also really scared. Free because I felt like I was doing the right thing, giving myself the time and space I truly needed but scared because I genuinely had no idea what I was doing.

And this isn’t a story of that lightbulb moment, where I had an epiphany about what I was meant to do with the rest of my life (spoiler alert: I still don’t know). This is the story where I’m still scared but I’m doing things my way.

I am forging a path for myself that feels more authentic and genuine than it ever has in my life. I’m allowing myself the time and space to heal. I’m allowing myself to show up in ways that feel good on the daily. I’m allowing myself to change and evolve without a distinctive goal or number attached to my ideas. I’m giving myself permission to grow without boundaries or expectations.

Like I said earlier, there has been a lot of learnings (and unlearning!) over time that allowed me to evolve - and the idea of On Earth. For years I had several ideas of what I may have wanted to branch off and do. I had thought about focusing on interior design, starting my own event company, becoming a writer and a few others that didn’t really stick. There had always been something within those thoughts that didn't resonate to me. Reflecting on that now, I believe that was for two reasons.

Firstly; they weren’t in alignment with my own deep and personal values (we’ll get to that later), and secondly; I gave up, got in my own way and was seriously paralyzed from being perceived that I would withdraw from the direction altogether.

I believe that you learn lessons when you’re meant to. Overcoming those two obstacles and actualizing the learnings only began for me in the last year and that’s because they took a lot of small steps.

Prioritizing my health, going to therapy, getting comfortable with myself, understanding who I am as a person, forgiving myself, acknowledging that I was living in survival mode, understanding triggers, healing traumas, falling and getting up over and over and over and over and over again. And make no mistake, this is all still a continuous cycle.

But because of those small steps and large learnings, now I can say I do understand my own deep personal values and I am worthy, I am experienced enough, I have good ideas, I am not going to give up before I even try. I am scared, but I’m doing it anyway. I am loving myself without boundaries. I am encouraging growth and evolution, no matter the outcome.

On Earth is a love child to myself and also to others. It’s a place that I want to cultivate by showing up, even if we're all scared. It’s a community that is rooted in being authentic and vulnerable.

We believe in slow living, crystals, meditation, naturopathic health, yoga, mental prosperity, plants, nature, wellness and restoring the planet - all things that support living cyclically with an intuitive-focused community in mind. Our intention is to provide deliberate pieces that support the balance of well-being, healing, nature and sustainability.

We only provide earth-first products that support our values. Everything we do stems from how we can best support ourselves with the lens of bettering our planet.

We prioritize working with small businesses, women, BIPOC, environmentally conscious materials, and people / orgs that reflect and believe in our philosophy just as much as we do.

We plant trees for every purchase, use only the most sustainable practices possible, and act with the smallest footprint in mind. With nature and healing at the root of our foundation, the only place to grow is up.

The only commitment is making value based choices to ourselves and the community to cultivate abundance On Earth.

Thank you for being here.



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