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Transforming with the Transits of the Moon

The Moon represents our emotions, how we express ourselves and how we deal with our innermost needs. It can showcase how we habitually act, our reactions and our instinctual patterns.

Understanding the characteristics of each zodiac sign and which one is playing a vital role in the sky each day can help us understand ways we can help ourselves and harmonize with the natural energy of the day.

When we focus on the invitations that each zodiac sign can offer, we can minimize polarizing energy and maximize supporting ourselves.

The Moon orbits Earth in 28 days, meaning it cycles all twelve of the zodiac signs lingering through each for 2-2 1/2 days. When the Moon wades through each zodiac sign it can also affect you. A shift in the zodiac sign that the moon is in means a shift in the mood.

New sign, new vibe.

Moon in Aries

Emotions can be heightened in this fiery position of the Moon. As the first sign in the zodiac, the energy of the day can be impulsive, temperamental and fast paced. It can also be very easy to lose your cool or get into an argument. Try channeling that energy into tackling your to-do list, or using the extra passion and fire to meditate.

Aries Wellness Tips

Aries is always fast and first - make sure you start your day with a large healthy breakfast especially if you plan on running errands all day!

Aries is associated with the head, brain, and face, so when the Moon is stationed in Aries it is a good day to treat yourself to an at-home facial or soothing under eye treatment.

Although it is a fire sign, transmitting the stamina to kundalini yoga or a walking meditation can help cool down your day.

Moon in Taurus

This is a really relaxing and sensual moon placement. As an earth sign, Taurus is very rooted and comfortable with anything that has to do with foundation and the home. The energy in a Moon in Taurus day is very easy, try not to rush around or jam pack your schedule. Consider catching up on your tv shows, indulge in a meal you’ve been craving and take it slow.

Taurus Wellness Tips

Taurus is a very romantic sign, use the energy of the day to practice in self care, manifesting your visualizations and making plans for the future. Taurus is associated with the neck, shoulders and thyroid gland - treat yourself to a massage, body wrap or any other sensually pleasing wellness therapies.

Moon in Gemini

This can be a very active and hurried day, it’s all about mental energy, stimulation, communication, problem solving and curiosity. This is a great day for long phone calls with friends, hosting a dinner party or even a powerful day to give a work presentation.

If you’re feeling more introverted, consider doing some home improvement, housework or reorganizing something in a big or little way.

Gemini Wellness Tips

Try challenging yourself to a new workout or unique exercise class, Gemini is stimulated by learning and creativity so add anything to your day that’s been on your bucket list! Gemini is associated with the lungs, nervous system, arms, hands and fingers - consider a social media break and go for a long walk to reset your nervous system. Do an at home manicure, or grab your bestie and head to the salon.

Moon in Cancer

The Moon is at home in the sign of Cancer since Cancer is ruled by the Moon. This is a great day to simply be at home, whatever that means to you. The vibe is mellow and dreamy, it can also be a bit emotional so make sure you give your house a good clean. Clear out any negative or stale energy, get cozy, stay in, bake something and be gentle with yourself.

Cancer Wellness Tips

Cancer energy is very intuitive so trust that you already know what’s best! Cancer is associated with the stomach, sinuses, breasts, and womb - make sure you’re practicing eating healthy today and mindful with what you put in your body. This is a great day for chest opening, posture supportive and midsection yoga poses.

Moon in Leo

Moon in Leo days are conducive to being creative, spontaneous, having fun, and doing everything with confidence. This is a great day for entertaining your friends and family, starting a new artistic project, and putting your best foot forward. If you’re feeling more introverted consider journaling to express your gratitude, your wins, and practicing pride through self care.

Leo Wellness Tips

Leos love a good pamper session, on Leo Moon days treat yourself to a day at the spa, spending the day with someone you love or honouring your inner child with something fun. Leo rules the heart, spine, and hair - today is a great day to deep hair conditioner or do any hair treatment you like. Practice some Pilates or yoga poses that are geared towards supporting your back, chest and flexibility.

Moon in Virgo

When the Moon is in Virgo, it’s a perfect day for getting everything in order. The energy of the day will be supportive of being intentional and setting goals. Clean your house, get your to-do list out and consider starting a new routine on this day. Reflect on how you can be operating better or more efficiently, what are the things in your life working, and what are not.

Virgo Wellness Tips

Because Virgos are perfectionists they are hyperaware of all of their body’s signs and signals. It’s a good day to look at your health regimens. Virgo rules the digestive system including the intestines and spleen. The digestive system is responsible for regulating your metabolism, turning food into nutrients, preventing inflammation and much more. Be kind to your Gut, all days but especially on Virgo Moon days.

Moon in Libra

Libra rules partnerships and relationships. Moon in Libra days are supportive of anything romantic and also any business involving partners. As the archetype for Libra is the sign of the scales try to embody the act of balance during this transit. Think about where you are giving and receiving, particularly in your relationships - is it equal? Are you finding that you are balancing your time and your energy effectively in the areas that are most important to you?

Libra Wellness Tips

Ever heard of the phrase romanticize your life? Today is the perfect day to do that. Try to bring romance into every aspect of your day today, for yourself and for others around you. Libra rules the skin, kidneys and lumbar region - hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. Not only will your skin thank you, but so will your kidneys. Try to do some lower back stretches and hamstring workouts today to ease any stiffness in those regions.

Moon in Scorpio

As Scorpio is a water sign when the Moon transitions this sign it can feel like a natural flow. However, Scorpio is very much an archetype for our shadow sides; when working with this energy on these days it can be very transformational and reflective. Be wary that arguments, disagreements, and petty jealousies can come up more frequently and your words (or others) can have a bit of a sting!

Scorpio Wellness Tips

This is a great energy for powerful meditations as Scorpio is in favour of ruminating and going inwards. Scorpio rules the excretory system, large intestine and reproductive organs. Pay attention to your fluids. Instead of coffee or wine, have a ton of water or different teas throughout the day.

Moon in Sagittarius

Today is the day of fun, letting off some steam and overindulgence. Sagittarius’ love learning, connecting and overdoing it in every way so when the Moon is transiting this sign it's a great day for doing exactly that. Get out your manifestation list and look at all the things you’ve been keen to make happen - take one small step on any (or all) of those dreams. Be adventurous and have fun, whatever that looks like to you.

Sagittarius Wellness Tips

This fire sign loves to celebrate any occasion, turn your health and wellness into a day for learning and celebrating. Sagittarius rules the sciatic nerve, hips, thighs, butt, liver, coccyx and pituitary gland. Find some unique and fun exercises that support any of these vital functions. A lower body fitness class, aerial yoga, or hula hoop class could be exciting on days like today.

Moon in Capricorn

The loyal, hardworking, structured and committed Capricorn. When the Moon transits this earth sign, it's a perfect day to get on the straight and narrow. Capricorn is sensible and strategic, write out any long term goals and a path that will take you towards your ambitions. Capricorn is energized by routines and practicality, get yourself on track and be smart (but not too serious).

Capricorn Wellness Tips

Capricorns thrive on setting and accomplishing goals, today is a supportive day for mapping out a new wellness routine and tasks to achieve it. They rule the skeletal system, including bones, cartilage, teeth, the joints and knees. Get outside for a long hike or walk around the neighborhood, any light stretching, restorative yoga or a long hot bath will be pleasant for your joints.

Moon in Aquarius

Aquarius the air sign, Water Bearer archetype. When the Moon transits the sign of Aquarius this is a great day to embody their unique and dynamic energy. Welcome in whatever feels right; whether that is getting together with friends for a charitable task or going solo and introspective. Today is a good day for unplugging any overexposure to the virtual world and truly focusing on things that feel good.

Aquarius Wellness Tips

Aquarius rules the lower legs, calves, shins, ankles and circulatory system. Focus on practices that reduce stress like meditation, yoga nidra, acupuncture, reiki, chakra cleansing…as Aquarians are all about modernization, try something new… and “new aged”. Dry brushing and ice rolling will give your circulatory and nervous system an extra boost on these days.

Moon in Pisces

The Moon feels extra dreamy and romantic during Pisces transits. Each hour can melt into the next and it is not the day to be in a rush for anything. Take your time, and listen to your mind and body for anything that feels desirable to you today. Pisces is the reflection of the material world and the spiritual world interchanging, which can sometimes make the day confusing, blurring lines of reality. Be flexible and embrace the duality of both.

Pisces Wellness Tips

Get in the water if possible - take a bath, go for a swim, or take a long shower. Pisces rules the feet, immune system, lymphatic system and third eye. Give yourself a soothing foot scrub, soak and massage, load up on nutrient rich foods to support your immunity, meditate, read, dream and get a good night's sleep.

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